When Your Pet’s at the Heart of the Matter

Being from a small town in the Midwest, shopping for the holidays often meant taking a trip into “the capitol,” as my grandmother referred to our county seat.  It was a medium sized town, just large enough to have a few good restaurants and a JC Penney’s.  I loved to browse through the Big Book catalogue they published because it could hold my attention for hours.  I loved to see the pretty dresses, slippers and especially the toys.  I’d day dream about being a princess and wearing all the clothes I wanted.  I really loved the idea of those mother-daughter look alike outfits, but my mom wasn’t one for girly things.  Now, I love to browse through the website and pick out gifts to give family and friends.  After all these years, I still find the best quality in the products they sell, and that I can shop their site for so many members of the family, I save time and money when I do.  I even found the perfect gift for Sandra, the co-worker who’s name I pulled for the Secret Santa gift exchange.  She has the cutest little puppy that she rescued after the floods ravaged the Houston area where she’s from.  After seeing so many pets who needed homes, she arranged to adopt a yellow Lab, and now her little Rosie is her pride and joy.

At first, I was baffled about what to get her because we don’t know each other well.  But when the company newsletter featured the story about her big heart, I knew just what I’d do as soon as I had the time.  Time is something we’ve had little of since our company bought out a competitor.  As a department head responsible for making the transition go smoothly, my time is taken up traveling between the old site and the new complex we’re moving into.  So one night while doing my usual JC Penney nostalgia browse, I happened upon a doggie bed.  I knew right away it was the perfect gift to give Sandra for Rosie.  But first, I searched Groupon and found a code that I could apply to my purchase and used it to save on that bed, and other gifts for those on my list.  In the end, I did save time, not waste it running around from store to pet store trying to find a bed as cute as the one I found.

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