Pet Store Reward Programs

One of the first things that you realize once you have had a pet for a good amount of time is that the cost of feeding your pet is one of the largest expenses. In order to stay on budget, it’s important to learn how to find discounts and get the best deals on pet food. Doing so can slash the amount you spend each month on pet food. Finding ways to save on pet food is even more important when you have a large pet or more than one pet living with you. Understanding the different places you can go to find deals on pet food will go a long way to making sure you aren’t paying more for it than you need to be.

While it’s possible to find great deals on pet food when you sign up for grocery store pet clubs and keep an eye out for pet check-out coupons, your local pet store doesn’t want you to buy all your pet food, pet treats, and other pet items there. In the same way that your grocery store likely has a pet club, your local pet store also likely has a pet club or customer loyalty program.

All large, nation wide pet stores like as PetCo and PetSmart have customer loyalty cards. Smaller regional chains will also likely have a pet club or loyalty program of some type. When you sign up for the pet store programs, you’ll receive such deals as special pet offers, pet coupons, the early announcement of sales at the store and gift cards good at the store. These offers vary from store to store and the offers you receive will often be determined by your purchasing trends.

The advantage that pets stores loyalty programs have over the grocery store is that they have a much larger stock of pet related goods than most grocery stores. For example, many pet stores will sponsor inexpensive pet vaccination days where you can get the shots that your pet needs at a large discount from your local vet. It also means that you will likely find deals on pet goods that your grocery store would never have. Since it doesn’t cost anything to join these pet store loyalty programs, it’s definitely worth the time to sign up if there is one or more in your local area.