Store Check-Out Pet Coupons

If you own a pet, it will come as no surprise that pet food is a major cost when it comes to your pet. Learning about the different ways to save on pet food can greatly reduce the amount you spend each month on your pets. This applies even more if you have big pets or multiple pets living in your house. In order to keep the cost of pet food down, you want to take advantage of every opportunity that can help you save money on pet food. Part of accomplishing that is knowing where you are likely to find pet food discounts.

One of the best places to save money on pet food is the piece of paper you get once you have just purchased pet food. Even though this might seem a little strange at first glance, it makes perfect sense if you think about it. When you make a purchase of pet food, it will be from a certain manufacturer. The other pet food manufacturers would love you to get you to purchase their pet food instead. With everything computerized these days, when the grocery store scans your pet food purchase, it will often tell the cash register to spit out a receipt with a hefty discount on a competing pet food brand in an attempt to try and get you to switch.

These check-out coupons which you receive at the grocery store cash register are known as Catalina’s. Since pet food and pet products are a highly competitive industry, Catalina’s can offer large pet food discounts if you aren’t brand loyal. If you have never bothered to look at these coupons in the past, you may be surprised at the value they offer. A coupon for a competing brand of pet food or pet treats will often be free (or nearly free) when you purchase a competing brand.

If your grocery store also offers a store pet club, the combined benefits can result in amazing deals and pet food for nearly nothing. While many people take advantage of the pet Catalina’s or the store pet club offers, it is the combination of the two where the really big pet food savings can be found so be sure to take advantage of both rather than one or the other.

The key to being able to take full advantage of the savings that the check-out coupons offer is that you, and your pet, can’t be brand loyal. The deals will exist because other brands of pet food want your business and will offer deep discounts to get you and your pet to try their product. If your pet won’t eat anything but a single brand (what that manufacturer wants, but not you), you can’t take advantage of these offers.

A simple way to ensure that your pet doesn’t become accustomed to a single brand, or develop digestive problems when eating new brands of pet food, is to always mix a variety of brands of pet food when serving their meals. This is easy to do if you take full advantage of all the free trial sizes that manufacturers offer and mix them in with the regular pet food you serve. By not being brand loyal, you can take advantage of all the inexpensive pet food that manufacturers will give you in an attempt to switch your pets to their brand.