Pet Food Manufacturers’ Clubs

One of the biggest expenses that you will have with your pet is the cost of pet food. The one advantage that you have in keeping prices down is that the pet food industry is quite competitive. Due to this competitiveness, pet food manufacturers will have offers for free pet food samples, free bags of pet food and other promotions on a fairly regular basis. These offers can result in significant savings if you are willing to take the time to sign up at their websites and take advantage of the offers when they are announced.

One of the easiest ways to get these special deals is to join the Manufacturers’ pet clubs that most offer. As is the case with many products, taking the time to sign up for a pet food manufacturer’s newsletter is one of the best ways to receive special offers from that manufacturer.

In addition to the newsletter, many pet food and other pet product manufacturers usually have a special “pet club” which you can sign up for. These pet clubs usually will send you additional “invitation only” offers, free product samples, pet related coupons, special promotions and other pet related news.

Signing up for the pet manufacturers’ clubs won’t usually get you many discounts on that manufacturer’s current products since these clubs are almost always used to introduce the new products that the manufacturer is launching. Since the pet business is so competitive and new products are launched on a regular basis, getting the chance to try all the new products for free or at a steep discount usually makes signing up for these pet clubs worth while.

This also is helpful in that it will constantly be introducing your pet to new types of foods. It’s a good policy to get your pet in the habit of eating a variety of different foods so that your pet doesn’t have digestive problems when eating new types of food. An easy way to avoid this and to get your pet used to different tastes is to mix the samples you get into your pet’s regular food. If your pet does get used to a single food, then it makes it very hard to get discounts on pet food because you must always purchase the same brand. If you are constantly rotating in new foods and your pet is accustomed to that, you can always purchase the best quality food that is the least expensive during sales.

The best way to sign up for these manufacturers’ pet clubs is to go directly to each manufacturer’s website where it should only take a few minutes to become a member.