Grocery Store Pet Clubs

When it comes to saving money on your pet, one of the first places to look is on pet food. Pet food is often the largest expense over the lifetime of a pet, especially for bigger pets that consume a lot of food. This makes it essential to find discounts on pet food wherever you can and take advantage of the places that offer discounts on pet food.

One place that many people overlook finding discounts on pet food is at their grocery store. More and more grocery stores have created Pet Clubs for their customers in an attempt to keep the customer’s buying pet food at the grocery store rather than at other outlets that sell pet food. The result can be some deep discounts and pet food specials that can save you a significant amount on pet food.

In most cases, if your grocery store has a pet club, you can usually sign up for it as part of the grocery store loyalty card program. The type of discounts that you receive can vary quite a bit depending on the grocery store chain. Some grocery stores offer one-check rebates while others may offer free pet products after a certain number of purchases are made. Others may offer special point bonuses per dollar purchased on pet products. When it comes to the specials that the grocery store offers, the store may have a specific list of products that are part of their program or may have periodic special offers for specific brands.

While all the programs will likely look different, the results are basically the same. Those that sign up to become a member of the grocery store’s pet club will have the opportunity to receive cash rebates, free pet products and/or special pet related check-out coupons. Since these offers will vary some from store to store, it’s often worthwhile to sign up with all the grocery store loyalty programs for those stores located near your house. You can then take a closure look at each store’s pet club to see which one benefits the way that you buy food for your pets.

To take full advantage of these store pet clubs, your pet will need to be willing to try a variety of different pet foods. Not only will this help ensure that your pet doesn’t acquire digestive problems when eating new types of food, it also will help your pocket book by allowing you to purchase the best deals in pet food that the store pet clubs are offering each week. One way to get your pet used to different pet food tastes is to mix new pet food in with their regular pet food. Once your pet accepts different types of pet food, you are in the position to always purchase quality pet food that is the least expensive during the store pet club promotions.