Free Cat Toys

If you have pets, here is a simple fact to remember that will save you a ton of money:

The toys for pets are made for people, not for the pets

Think about it. When you walk down the shop aisles, you look for toys that you think your cat would enjoy playing with. Most of them are quite visual with lots of colors but this color has little to do with the cat’s senses. While cats aren’t completely color blind, it’s not the color that determines if they like a toy or not. Cat toys are colorful because the owner has money and is influenced by color (and cuteness) while the cat has no money.

If you have ever had a cat, you’ll also know that what you think would be a great toy is often ignored by your cat. Instead of wasting your money on expensive, cute, colorful toys that your cat will likely ignore, try these out these free cat toys which you should be able to find around the house:

Warning: With the smaller toys, be very careful to keep an eye on your cats. You don’t want them to eat them – if they do it could make that free toy extremely expensive when you need to visit the vet.

Flashlight – You should have a flashlight already in your house for emergency purposes and it can be converted into a great play toy for cats. Not all of them go for it, but for those that do, you will have a great way to keep them occupied. In addition, it’s a great way to help kittens expend all their energy (and older indoor cats to get their exercise) without you having to get up from the couch.

Ping Pong Balls – If you have a couple of ping pong balls lying around, they make for great cat toys. They are light enough to move quickly across the floor and make enough noise against a hard surface to keep the cats interested.

Seeds: If you are eating any fruit with seeds in it, the seeds can be converted into a cat toy. Our cats particularly love cherry pits. The only warning is that you will find the seeds in all corners of your house when cleaning at a later date.

Paper: Simply scrunch up a small piece of paper and let the cats go at it. Like the ping pong ball, it’s light enough to move and make enough sound to keep their interest.

Paper Bag / Box: Cats love to crawl inside things such as paper bags and boxes. Give them one of these and they will be able to entertain themselves for quite some time (and you as well as you watch).

Milk Jug Plastic Ring: For some reason, the plastic ring that comes around the plastic jugs of milk entices most cats into a playful mood. This is one of those toys you need to watch your cat play with so that it doesn’t accidentally get eaten.

Hair scrunchies bands – If you have hair scrunchie that you are no longer going to use, they can make a great cat toy. Regular rubber bands also work, but they have much more of a chance of accidentally getting eaten.

String / Yarn / Ribbon: These are classic home-made cat toys that have been used for ages and they still do the trick. Just remember that when you give it to your cat to play with, it won’t be able to be used in the future.

Soda Bottle Caps: Much like ping pong balls and large seeds, the caps of soda bottles are great toys for cats to paw across the room.

This is far from a comprehensive list. Practically any small item that you have around the house can be converted into a cat toy at no cost. Remember this the next time you’re in the pet store and toy that costs a few bucks catches your attention…